My everyday luxuries

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8th August 2017

What does luxury mean to you?  If you google “luxury” and view the immediate images that come up, you’ll see yachts, Lamborghini’s, Rolex watches and lots of hot chicks in swimsuits.

Hmmmmm.  If that’s your luxury, great!  However……

I couldn’t agree more.  My luxuries centre around those everyday items that whatever is going on in my life, are omnipresent because they enhance my existence and make me feel better.

All that BS about saving things for a special occasion or “when we have visitors” – seriously, do me a favour.  Enjoy your lovely things today, live in the present and stop waiting for someone to give you permission to indulge yourself.

So, in no particular order, here are my top ten everyday luxury items.. (and most of them don’t cost a lot at all!)


Amber Noir candle by Shearers – I have introduced so many friends to this scent, including men.  There’s literally nothing else like it.  I personally hate synthetic candle smells (like food, honestly makes me feel nauseous) and always gravitate towards those made with natural perfume oils.  From their sexy black appearance to the hypnotic and dark scents of tuberose, violets and amber, this candle gets lit within the first ten minutes of me getting home.  If you’ve not discovered it, I urge you to try.

Babyliss Big Hair Styler – My biggest gripe about mornings is the time (any amount of time) I have to spend getting ready.  So anything that makes helps me get out the door quickly without scaring passers by; is a god send.  I literally cannot live without this styler.  I’ve had one for about the last six years and the moment the motor burns out due to the excessive use it gets, I’m straight out the door to buy another.  If you have thick long hair, it’s going to be your new best-friend.

My Givenchy Antigona tote – The most expensive item on this list has more than earned its keep.  I bought it after my pay off from my last corporate job and I agonised over spending so much,  I needn’t have worried. After three years of pretty much continual use, it still looks like new. For me, it’s the perfect handbag.  It is big enough to hold a netbook, bottle of water, pair of shoes, purse and make-up and it has a shoulder strap.  It looks great with casual or smart outfits and mine is an amazing pebbled grey oil-slick leather that throws different colours when the light hits it.  I’ve never seen another one and I’ve had buyers for major department stores offer to buy it if I ever sell it. Which I never intend to do.

Coco Noir Perfume – I have around half a dozen fragrances that I dip in and out of but if I had to choose just one, this would be it.  I seem to gravitate towards smells that have the word “noir” in them (what this says about me, I do not know) but I would wear this day or night.  It’s a floral oriental with a spicy, warm and woody edge and just a couple of sprays last all day.

Louis Vuitton black large square scarf –  This goes everywhere with me and I use it all year round. I fell in love with it on a visit to Selfridges and couldn’t get over how soft it was. I tried buying a cheaper version but it just felt scratchy in comparison and in the end, I just took the plunge.   I  have had mine for years now and I  chose the black because the logo is discreet and not at all showy.

Argan oil Night Serum – this stuff is as cheap as chips but oh my, it is literally like a drink of water for the skin.  I use it in the day as well as at night as I just love the cooling sensation of putting it on and my skin is just so soft after it has been applied.  Great on your hands too.

Egyptian Cotton Bedlinen (White) – no particular brand, it just has to be white and as high a thread-count as possible.   I actually quite like miss-matching patterns on bed linen, so quite often you’ll find a stripe with a zigzag at my gaff.   I’ve found great buys at QVC and TK Maxx and I’m still using sets I bought seven years ago, despite the fact that they get boil washed and pressed.

Oral B Pro electric toothbrush – Nothing cleans like it and I’ve used one for the past twenty years or more.  I’ve tried the imitators but always end up back with the Oral B Pro. Nuff said.

Microsoft Surface Pro netbook – I pretty much love all tech.  If I wasn’t limiting this list to ten items my I-Phone and I-Pad would be on it too.  I still can’t fully tear myself away from Windows though and for me, this combination of streamline PC with removable keypad just oozes quality.  It feels substantial yet will easily slip into a handbag.  You can write on the screen and use it as a notepad and when you whip this bad boy out in a meeting; people quite literally salivate.  Perfect for travelling as it doubles as a tablet.  I’m still eyeing up the large I-Pad pro but for now this beauty has my heart.

My Nike Trainers –  at any one time, I have about two pairs on the go – in varying states of being destroyed.  I have herniated discs in my back and struggle with heels for any length of time. Plus, having dogs, I walk around 5-7 miles per day, so I need to have something that is comfortable, tough and doesn’t throw my alignment out.  For me, no other brand does what Nike can do for me in this area.  I’m currently using a pair of Thea Air and a black leather Pegasus Air, both of which get daily hammer and yet come out good as new after a 40 degree cycle in my washing machine.  Although I’m sure Nike don’t actually recommend you do this……

What are your daily luxuries?  What can’t you live without?  What items are you rushing out the door to replace if you run out or they break?



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